How do you use MAKEMEAVIDEOCV™ on LinkedIn?

Updated: Jun 5, 2019

We all do it – whenever it is announced that someone new is joining the team, we all rush to check out their LinkedIn profile. And recruiters and hiring managers are no different when it comes to choosing potential candidates for interview too.

It's a process known as 'social screening'.

In fact, LinkedIn is the number one choice of social media platform for recruiters to find new talent, with over 94+% using it, which is why we've made MAKEMEAVIDEOCV™ seamless to use on LinkedIn.

MAKEMEAVIDEOCV™ is simple to use on LinkedIn, helping job seekers to just quickly copy and paste their video CV into their LinkedIn profile – no fuss.

LinkedIn is the largest professional social network for the global job market, directly curated by over 630+M potential candidates worldwide.

There are over 30+M companies listed on LinkedIn with over 20+M open jobs and a new person hired every 8 seconds. So, it is the go-to social network where anyone can list and explain what roles they've done, who they've worked for and to some degree, write about what makes them tick.

Get discovered – no hassle.

By just adding the MAKEMEAVIDEOCV™ Vimeo link we send to you to the Media section under your LinkedIn Summary, you'll be able to show recruiters and hiring managers looking at your public profile, all the information they need in one place, from your PDF CV to your Video CV, directly from your MAKEMEAVIDEOCV™.

It doesn't matter where we are, watching video content will always be more interesting than just reading text
LinkedIn video is set to sky rocket!

Users typically spend around 17 minutes on LinkedIn. Historically, all you could do on LinkedIn was read text, however, since 2017, the use of video rapidly expanded.

At MAKEMEAVIDEOCV™, we know this is only set to increase because people (including recruiters and hiring managers) spend 3X more time watching videos than static content on LinkedIn, which of course, is great for LinkedIn and even better for you!

The biggest professional social media network in the world

Even by just adding a photo, you'll get 14 times more views.

By adding your MAKEMEAVIDEOCV™ to a post, you'll instantly have a video that can be shared so if a recruiter or hiring manager finds you and thinks that your skills match the criteria that they are looking for, it's easy for them to forward the link to your post to the powers that be to decide if they should invite you in for an interview.

With over 260+M people using LinkedIn every month and 25+M people logging in from the UK, 15+M from Canada and over a whopping 150+M from the US, LinkedIn will continue to be the leading social network to manage your professional profile and with your MAKEMEAVIDEOCV™, your chances of finding your dream job just got even better.



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