How do you record or film a selfie video for your MAKEMEAVIDEOCV™?

Well done for doing this! But, we're not going to sugar coat it - nothing fills us, including our CEO, with more hand wrenching, sweaty palms and heart palpitations than having to say something about ourselves to camera.

For many of our customers, this is a tricky part of creating a MAKEMEAVIDEOCV™. But when nothing is ventured – nothing is gained.

Just remind yourself that your goal at the end of this is...

My MAKEMEAVIDEOCV™ will show them the 'real' me. If I am what they need for the role, this can only help them understand me better – so let's do this!

Think about what you want to say and write it down.

As common sense as it sounds, writing down what you want to say about yourself first and scripting it as defined or as loose as you need it to be is going to help.

Some of our customers like to write everything down the way they would say it, while others choose to just write down the points they want to cover.

There is no hard rule for this – just go with whatever you're comfortable with.

Read the Job Description and write down the type of person you think they want for the role.

This approach helps you understand the characteristics or 'type' of person they want in the role.

Sometimes, job descriptions are helpful and will clearly tell you upfront the kind of person they're after, while on other occasions, their descriptions can be a bit woolly and vague.

Use what you've got and remember to check out other job descriptions for similar roles at other companies as their job descriptions might be more forthcoming.

Decide if you fit the type of person they need.

You'll need to be honest with yourself here. You might want to ask family or friends you trust whether they think the role would suit you. Sometimes it can be difficult for us to admit we're not right for something so having an objective opinion will help you make the right decision.

If I was hiring for this role, what 'kind' of person would they be?
Talk in examples and scenarios.

Once you've decided you're going to go for it, it's time to compare what the role requires and whether you're great at doing those things. If they align – talk about them and if you can think of a really good past example that fits, tell them about it.

If you don't have that much previous experience, use scenarios to illustrate the point by saying what you would do if you were in a situation that called for those character traits to come into play.

Your personality counts.

None of us are perfect and hiring managers and recruiters know this. We all have aspects to our personality that make us unique and in some cases more suited to a role or to join a particular team. Whatever your personality is, talk about it honestly. Remember that often, the top recruiters are looking to balance the mechanics in teams so they may not be looking for the 'happy to go with anything' type of person but may prefer someone who might describe themselves as 'a little stubborn' when they think their suggestions are the right ones.

Practice your delivery.

Practice will make it perfect. Rehearse how you're going to say your lines even if you are going to ad lib. Do it in front of a mirror or family or friends. This will familiarise you with what you want to say so when you press record, it will just flow really easily. Don't worry too much if you have to do a couple of takes or if you want to split it up into sections when you send it to us. At MAKEMEAVIDEOCV™, we allow you to upload up to 5 videos, which we can edit and combine to create your perfect selfie video. You don't need to be a 'one take wonder'!

Camera rolling... ACTION!

So it's time to record. Find a quiet and tidy room or do it outside if the weather is great and there's not much noise around, preferably with natural light in front of, not behind you. Remember that recruiters will be looking at this to decide if they should choose to invite you for an interview so make sure you are well dressed and look the part.

Use the video camera feature on your phone to record yourself or get a friend to do it. Make sure fingers are not blocking the microphone on the camera when recording and ideally you should film yourself in landscape mode. But it's not the end of the world, if you film in portrait mode instead. And that's it!

Congratulations on filming your selfie video!

See! That wasn't so hard now, was it? Now all you have left to do is to upload your selfie video/s to the form, which was in the link in the email we sent to you, when you bought your MAKEMEAVIDEOCV™.

We'll send your finished video CV back to you within 1–3 days and remember to add it to your LinkedIn profile (here's how) and use it on any job site where you can add a web link.


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