MAKEMEAVIDEOCV™ is the brand new creative and effective way to stand out from the crowd when it comes to landing your dream job.

We all love watching videos and recruiters and hiring managers are no exception, especially when they're checking out your LinkedIn profile. Video CVs are a quick and versatile way to explain what knowledge, skills and experience you have.

Show prospective bosses the 'real you', your interests and your passion for the role which you can include by uploading your own selfie video.

Tell them about the projects that you've worked on and how your career has progressed and developed up to now.

Let them see the value you'll bring to the team!

Do it all in a MAKEMEAVIDEOCV™. 

Don't forget that once you've bought your MAKEMEAVIDEOCV™, you must upload your CV, photo and / or selfie video within 48 hours of purchase.


Find Talent First

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